Brainstorming for Essay 4

Read over the assignment, and look at some of the videos that catch your attention from the links below. If your community has a local paper or online site, you may want to consult that for ideas, as well as talk to friends and family members about what improvements could be made to your community.

How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty, and art

How painting can transform communities

It’s our city: let’s fix it

The walkable city

How an obese town lost a million pounds

Retrofitting suburbia

3 stories of local eco-entrepreneurship

Rebuilding a neighborhood with beauty, dignity, and hope

10 thoughts on “Brainstorming for Essay 4

  1. I am fortunate to live in Mattapoisett, a small town with beautiful and inviting scenery, low crime, and many local events. When I began to brainstorm for this essay I had trouble finding a problem or something I thought needed to be improved. It was then that I thought about the amount of people in my neighborhood that regularly walk their dogs and it hit me, a dog park. What a great addition to our town one would be. I began to think about problems that could be solved as well as the benefits of a dog park. Waste would no longer be left in neighbor’s yards or along streets and the fact that there are so many areas banning dogs from locations that it would be great to designate a spot for them instead. I look forward to continuing my research on statistics of surrounding dog parks, added benefits, costs, and safety concerns that should be addressed in my proposal.

  2. When I started brainstorming a topic for this assignment, one idea came to me right away. I live in Attleboro and recently there has been a lot of talk about building a new high school. This improvement is definitely necessary and I’m interested in learning more about costs and benefits. I will be looking into costs, how the new school will help students, and also how the school will help the whole community.

    • As I said in email, there doesn’t seem to be a point in making a proposal about something that’s already been decided. But some particular thing that the school should have would work…other possibilities in email.

  3. I live in Somerset and I am happy with our neighborhood, my brainstorming thoughts were we don’t have enough local places to eat or order out from. When I tried to find articles to back this up I couldn’t. Instead my next idea was the school departments and security they provide for our children against attackers outside the school and inside bulling. This will be a interesting topic to look into.

    • School security seems like a workable idea. You’d want to find out what the situation is currently. (It’s fine it you don’t get everything completely researched for rough draft–you can take some time at the beginning of next week to find out some local info, if you don’t already know how schools are set up. The bullying issue would seem like a separate idea to me–I’d suggest doing one or the other (for me, school security is a less familiar topic, and so more promising, but it’a your choice).

  4. As I sit here and think what we could add or help to improve our neighborhood for the city of Taunton, I keep coming up with the same idea. We have three major parks/outdoor activities that you can being your children to and have fun that is free. These places would be the Bird Sanctuary, Hopewell Park and Massasoit state park. I have been to these places many times and every time you go there all you see is needles, trash or people that are not respectful. So, what should be a safe place for children and families to have fun ends up being a scary thought of what they might get into or see. I feel if we could improve these places you would see more family’s there having a fun time. I can not wait to see what research I find to help improve these places.

    • I was just at Hopewell Park yesterday! It looked pretty good to me…but generally I’d say the idea is workable. You’d want to find some specific ideas for making improvements.

  5. I live in Dartmouth, Massachusetts which is really a peaceful area. As I am an international, my brainstorming would be about missing international grocery and restaurant. I tried to find out many articles which were about international cravings for food and grocery. I will also emphasis on few issues of the community which will be a common interest of local people and international such as there is a lack of lakes in Dartmouth area. Everybody can’t but a house, so we can’t deny the necessity of apartment building. Unfortunately Dartmouth has very few apartment complex to live. University of Dartmouth is situated in Dartmouth area where many internationals enroll for their study and the number is increasing rapidly day by day. I saw their problems as well. I believe I will be able explain the problems, both for local people and internationals and how it can be resolved.

    • I’d settle on one or the other: improving international food option or housing. The international angle is a good one, relevant esp. in a college community. You could also focus on the advantages it would provide not just for international students, but also to the “regular” (not quite sure what to call it) population.

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